This qualité relationnelle e-learning is an online course that will give you a new approach to human relationships. As simple as it may seem, you will learn what a relationship is, how it can deteriorate and how to re-establish a serene relational dynamic. This training will give you a new perspective about every relationship you have. You will understand what drives people to act, think, and say how they do. You will know how to be an active player of the quality of your relationships. As you will get more and more valuable knowledge about qualité relationnelle, your relationships with your family, friends and colleagues will improve to a point where everyone will notice and appreciate your new relational awareness. You will spend more meaningful moments with people you value the most. You will be able to finally get rid of the relationships that prevent from being who you actually are and without feeling guilty about it. Finally, you will be able to obtain the relationships you want with the people wish you could get along with.